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Scientists Gil Rilov

National Institute of Oceanography

Gil Rilov

Tel: 04 8565261

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. 2000, Tel Aviv University, Israel
At IOLR since 2009

Research interests:

Ecology and conservation of benthic communities.
Studies explore the ecology of intertidal and subtidal benthic communities with specific interest in community biodiversity and how it is affected by biogeography, the local seascape, species interactions, benthic-pelagic coupling, bioinvasions and climate change. Emphasis on the context-dependency (seascape and coastal oceanographic conditions) of biodiversity, predation and the supply of larvae on the rocky shore, and how these three aspects interact with each other and are affected by environmental influences. Interest also in the ecology and conservation of coral reefs.
Selected publications:
Menge BA, Chan F, Dudas S, Eerkes-Medrano D, Grorud-Colvert K, Heiman K, Hessing-Lewis M, Iles A, Milston-Clements R, Noble M, Page-Albins K, Richmond E, Rilov G, Rose J, Tyburczy J, Vinueza L & Zarnetske P. (2009). Asymmetry in citation breadth in terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecological publications: implications for generality and progress in ecology. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (in press)
Dudas SE, Rilov G, Tyburczy J, Menge BA. (2009). Linking larval abundance with onshore supply and settlement using instantaneous and integrated methods. Marine Ecology Progress Series (in press)
Rilov G, & Crooks J. (2009). Biological Invasions in Marine Ecosystems: Ecological, Management, and Geographic Perspectives. Ecological Studies Series. Springer. 625 pp.
Rilov G, Dudas S, Menge BA, Grantham B, Lubchenco J, Schiel RD (2008). The surf zone: a semi-permeable barrier to onshore recruitment of invertebrate larvae? Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 361: 59-74.
Rilov G, Figueira WF, Lyman SJ, & Crowder L (2007). Complex habitats may not always benefit prey: Linking visual field, reef fish behavior and distribution. Marine Ecology Progress Series 329: 225238.
Rilov G, & Schiel RD (2006). Trophic linkages across seascapes: subtidal predators limit effective mussel recruitment in rocky intertidal communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series 327: 83-93.
Rilov G, & Schiel RD. (2006) Seascape-dependent subtidal-intertidal trophic linkages. Ecology 87(3) 731744.
Rilov G, Benayahu Y & Gasith A. (2004). Life on the edge: do biomechanical and behavioral adaptations to wave-exposure correlate with habitat partitioning in predatory whelks? Marine Ecology Progress Series 282: 193-204.
Rilov G, Benayahu Y., & Gasith A. (2004). Prolonged lag in population outbreak of an invasive mussel: a shifting-habitat model. Biological Invasions 6 (3): 347-364
Rilov G, Gasith A, Evans SM & Benayahu Y (2000). Unregulated use of TBT-based anti-fouling paints in Israel (eastern Mediterranean): high contamination and imposex levels in two marine gastropods. Marine Ecology Progress Series 192: 229-238.
Rilov G, & Benayahu Y (2000). Fish assemblage on natural vs. vertical artificial reefs in Eilat (Red Sea): the rehabilitation perspective. Marine Biology 136: 931-942.
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